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Who is Andy?


Who is Andy?

Andy is your university friend you won’t forget.
He will discover you a new city, introduce you to new inspirational people
and make sure you cut the line to any party, event and arising opportunities along the way.
You can count on Andy to live your best now while creating your best future.

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Belong, experience, fun.

This is the moment. The moment of change, new life, new home, new people, new paths, more fun, more freedom. Every day, a whole new city to discover, unexpected adventures to live, always with the certainty that you have your home and your room to return any time, Andy.



Network, self-fulfillment, opportunities.

A place where you'll start to design your future. While your are a student you will get to know yourself better and understand what fulfills you. Through Andy's events and activities you will get to meet inspirational people from academia, business, local community and take advantage of the opportunities that will arise during this new phase of your life at our residence.



Education, inspiration, diversity.

Be productive, get inspired, get in touch with new perspectives. Andy provides you study rooms with great conditions for focus and brainstorming. You will meet residents from other courses, different nationalities with whom you can learn, live, make plans and create projects. And who knows, became friends for life.



Community, basic needs, security.

Living in community, sharing spaces, taking care of home, do the laundry. While living in Andy you will learn fundamental skills to use in your future. Living at Andy's means experiencing all of this, with the support of a dedicated team who will ensure that you have everything to reach your full potential.

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All Included

We're not just talking about a room, living at Andy's is an all-inclusive stay, so life can be simple.
After all, you only live once!

Andy Living
Stylish, single rooms
Andy Living
Fully-equipped communal kitchens
Andy Living
24/7 gym
Andy Living
Cleaning & maintenance services
Andy Living
Meet & Chill Lounge
Andy Living
Multiple study areas
Andy Living
24/7 security & concierge @ reception
Andy Living
Super-fast WI-FI

Location, location, location.

Quality of life starts when you don't have to waste time in deslocations, also means saving the environment.
Our Andy Student Living locations allows you to get to your university in just a few minutes walking.
andy living

Andy Living


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